K-pop is the worst.

Sure I still only understand about 3% of the songs, but they’re damn pretty to watch. Hot Guys.. Hot Girls..

God I beg of you, bless me with such perfection.

And now I feel fat again. I’m normal 54 kg * 158cm.

But I decided to try and loose weight anyhow. Cause why not?


Vegan (meaning.. no dairy, no meat, no cheese, no eggs, no anything-that-comes/-is/-made-by-animals)

  • Current Weight : 54,1 kg
  • Goal Weight : 49,0 kg

.. this may or may not seem a lot, but this was my weight a short while ago and I really wanna feel good in my skin again.

This diet won’t be that hard for me. Cause I just have to stay away from animal products, instead of starving myself as other so called „diets“ work.

The Vegan diet helps to lose weight with no effort. All the fats and bad things, really bad things for your body, that come from diary and other products your body won’t have to break down. I mean just think for a moment. Milk is for little baby cows, who shall grow big and strong in just a few months. All the nutrients.. But we are fully grown, no reason to drink yourself fat. Since that’s what it is broken down to. Pure fat. In our body.

Now you just don’t (e.g) drink those fats anymore. So you get less fat.. Easy peasy 🙂

Another thing is that a lot of people don’t know why their skin is in such bad condition as is. The reason? Animal products. It’s like a rash from allergies, just less acute. Except if you have acne, damn get away from dairy!

I already tried living vegan for a month, and I instantly so results. First my skin cleared up, then the pounds dropped..

.. And no I’ll give it another try.


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